Anything wrong with a 23 year old man dating a 17 year old girl??

You are responsible for your behaviour and would be committing an offence if you have sex with someone aged under 16, even if you met them in a bar or club for overs.

Sexual activity is illegal under any circumstances for under year olds. Those aged 13 and under cannot give consent.

Doing anything sexual with someone under 13 is automatically an offence, whatever the young person says. The law recognises that young people aged 13 to 16 might be physically able to have sex but are not allowed to. Find out what it's no i went on a. According to you keep from.

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Anything wrong with a 23 year old man dating a 17 year old girl?? - Forums

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If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision.

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The Information Commissioner can be contacted at: FOI request our ref. Lets be grown up hear. In a day and age were sexualization of young adults and the communications means both such young adults and older adults make contact the police MUST have guidlines relivant to my question. As I outlined the law in this area seems to be a mess and delibratly blurrs the lines as to enforce an 18 year old statute without changing the written law of The police must have guidlines to my question to direct the public and the police must be expected to give interpratation and direction if they expect the public to know what is there liberty and what is not.

On an ethical note, how can the police affect an arrest on somebody if they break a law that may state the age for cybersex is diffrent from real contact sex which if it is I find mind blowingly abzured, if the police themselfs dont know what it may be? The question should and I believe can be answered by this authority, no matter how delicate it is. A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address: I am in receipt of your request for an internal review. We will write again by that date.

I am in receipt of your request for an internal review and have read the many points that accompany your question below, which was as follows: In the original response to your query, my colleagues were entirely correct that the FOI Act is constructed only to provide the general right of access to recorded information that is specified in the request, and not necessarily to provide answers to direct questions.

The website of the Information Commissioner provides guidance on the most effective way to frame an information request at the following link:. It is clear that you have framed your request as an open and specific question, rather than asking for specific recorded information that may enable you to research your concerns yourself.

In my view, our team were correct to respond that no recorded information would be held by Essex Police that would provide an answer to this specific question.

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It is not the function of the police to provide legal advice, or to interpret the law. The first being the function of the legal profession and the last being the province of the courts. Although the police do obviously utilise their discretion in our application and enforcement of the law this will be on a case by case basis, and in consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service. Further, as your question relates to an issue that is national in nature, it is not necessarily something that an individual force could or should comment or advise upon.

16 year old daughter dating 22 year old man

In your request for an internal review, you submit that Essex Police must have guidance on the enforcement of the relevant legislation, in this case and in view of the subject matter that appears to underlie your question, I may assume that this is likely to be the Sexual Offences Act , although that is a matter that you should be specifying within your request. The Home Office do provide some national guidance on the application of the Sexual Offences Act, which can be accessed via the following link:. You have used the term 'coessential cybersex' in your request.

This is not a term that is recognised or used in law. If offences were committed or could be considered within the context of such activity, then a relevant offence may apply. The Home Office Counting Rules list all current offences by groups, such as sexual offences. These can be accessed at the following location. I trust that this explains the reasons for our response, and provides you with a route via which you may further your research. Should you remain unsatisfied following this internal review, then you retain the right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision.

I write in response of the internal review granted. I thank the police for there help and process to double check the quality of the response, I am satisfied with it and will not be contesting it. I am a student of law as the police have probably guessed and a human rights activist, I am also LGBT so have a vested intrest in all sexual rights issues. I must point out the word concessional should have been consensual. Yet as I understand there is no exact legal definition of what consent is.

I do not purport to know more on these matters than the police do and I respect the remit of the police and the common law nature of England, therefor a case-by-case basis would seem a fitting perspective for the police to take.