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Mindset of a Fat Admirer - Seeing Beauty Where Others Do Not - PART I

If I were single and dating now, the typical BBW bad attitude would be a turn off, and I would simply move on in search of sunnier climes. After all, there are plenty of other fat fish in the sea! As previously stated, many BBWs are carrying around the trauma of being ridiculed, used, and looked upon as less-than.

Angrily grilling each potential suitor over his intentions is not exactly the best way to win friends and influence people. They get teased, shamed and looked down upon for their desires too. Or maybe its teleportation? We men are visual and FAs are no exception. We want to see your bodies because looking at them turns us on.

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Same goes for how you dress. Dress sexy and reveal those curves that drive us FAs wild!

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Turn off the spotlight. I swear, many of my erstwhile BBW lovers have sounded like paranoid schizophrenics when we were out on a date. She just stared at me awkwardly as I devoured my burger.

Meet Fat People Or Fat Admirers And Start Fat Dating

We proud, out-of-the-closet FAs have faced our demons, both inside and out, and have admitted to the world that we prefer bigger women. Reblogged this on The Big Girl's Guide and commented: My husband, an unabashed FA from way back, put a list of rules on how to successfully date FAs. Insecurities from years of ridicule caused many of us Big Girls to make the same mistakes with men over and over. In it he gave a short list of rules you should follow to be successful in the realm of love.

As a FFA, I feel you on 2.

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I recently read something that said that FAs who want to talk about how we do take crap for our personal preferences are just trying to usurp the spotlight from fat people — and I was like…what?! And that is hard sometimes, and we should speak up about that. If someone needs to lose weight it should be for better health and not as a result of abuse and shaming. Same with gaining weight of course because i know many people who bounce from bulimia to anorexia and then back.

This was a clear reference to the post I made basically outing myself as a big girl lover. My relative also mentioned that my ex has […].

The Trouble With Fat Admiration

I really enjoyed reading your list. It rang true on so many levels for me. Especially the part about the lights,lol. Thank you for the comment! Good luck in your evolution. This led to something of a transitional phase.

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  • I had consciously broken down the barriers in my mind, and became more and more accepting of increasingly large ladies. At 23, I would look at a lb woman and find her attractive in a way I never would have done as a teenager, but still be repulsed by a lb SSBBW. Five years later though, lb was more than acceptable to me, even if I knew that others around me would ridicule me for it.

    Was I always an FA at heart, and it just took me many years to appreciate it fully?

    Find your love...

    I think maybe all of these things and a whole lot more. After all the mind is highly complex and difficult to understand, and I know I am not alone in spending a lot of years discovering my true self where physical attraction is concerned. Sure I still like them, just not as much, especially when the lights go out…. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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