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Just read your motherboard's manual and it should answer any questions you have about that. The fans that you bought hardly use any power, so they are perfectly fine to run them off of your motherboard. Sep 1, 2, 28 Paperdoc Golden Member Sep 20, Aug 17, 1, 3 However, there are a few limiting factors you need to pay attention to. First, there are two common fan types: They each need the mobo to use a different type of control method, ideally.

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  • how can I install multiple case fan??.
  • Now it happens that your mobo does not have an option for this - it only uses the older Voltage Control Mode best suited to 3-pin fans. Next, any mobo fan header can supply up to 1.

    How do I hook up my case fans to my PC?

    You have not provided a complete specification of the exact model numbers of your fans. Some fans in the families you listed use up to 0. So it would be OK to connect two fans to each of your mobo headers, but not three each, if they all can consume that much current. Fortunately, you have three mobo fan headers.

    You would have to check the specs for every fan - use the exact model numbers - and check the total amperage you want to connect to each header separately. It has NO other types of arms. A Hub is a similar device, but it also has a third arm type that must plug into a power output from the PSU.

    Basic Differences

    A Hub can only work with true 4-pin fans and headers, and you do not have those. Aug 5, 0 That error isn't because of your fans.

    You have another issue. Paperdoc Golden Member Sep 21, Your fan installations are fine.

    The only point to note NOT a problem - just something to know is that the two front fans connected to the PSU Molex source will always run full speed, and their speeds will not be displayed for you. That error, as kirbyrj says, is not related to your fans. If it happened only once and never comes back, ignore it. If it happens more often, you'll have to start looking for a cause.

    how can I install multiple case fan?? | AnandTech Forums: Technology, Hardware, Software, and Deals

    More about hook case fans. Sakkura Dec 6, , 7: If the fans have 4-pin connectors, plug them into your motherboard. Otherwise, using molex connectors from the power supply is fine. Connecting them to the motherboard would let you control fan speed in BIOS.

    Can't find your answer? If you want to use the fan controller built into the case, then you will need to run a power line form the psu to the fan controller input, then hook up the fans to the output of the fan controller going to each fan itself.

    radcycleproducts.com/includes/kyjijory/spy-iphone-x-camera.php It will be important to identify the type of power connector the fan controller uses. If the fan controller uses the small 3 pin plug, then you will need an 4 pin molex to 3 pin fan adapter. Otherwise, you can connect the fans as suggested in the previous posts. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you can have the 3 fans that come with the case hooked up to always run, and then connect the additional fans off the controller and turn them on as you need more cooling.

    Your Answer

    Can I hook up all of the fans molex connectors together into one long strip and then plug that strip into the power supply? Also some of the fans molex connectors are 4 ports and some only have 2. Ask a new question.