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You love him no matter what. Get dressed and go for a morning walk. Wake him up and yell at him. A few months later, you realize you're pregnant.

what squad seven memmber would date you

The first person you want to tell is Sasuke, but he's far away and working for Orochimaru. Who do you tell? The baby comes in 9 months and Sasuke comes back to the village. You name the baby:.

The Ultimate SASUKE UCHIHA Quiz! [Cosplay]

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What is your deepest fear. What Highschool Sterotype are you.

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Which of these 13 aesthetics is yours? What type of wings do you have? What Makes You Terrifying and Dangerous?

Mix Yourself a Potion! The Type of Killer You'd Be. Do you have a dark personality?

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What is your spirit animal? Who are you to Draco Malfoy? What would you look like if you were a cartoon character?

what squad seven memmber would date you

What do guys see you as? What are you talking about? Meany how can you do that? And he leans to you what do you do? Jump all over him Shocked and go with the flow Eww! I thought we were just friends! It's my private space! Sure Okay,Want some riceballs with bonita filling? He notice your face is red is everything all right? I'm up ready to go! Why you worried about me? It was nothin It was so much fun i hope we have dates after that!

Sasuke dating quiz

I don't like you Bye Sweetie pie Bye baby Bye! See ya at the training grounds later. Prev Quiz Next Quiz.