Well, the pool and the hot tub are yours for the taking, and in the bathroom, you can spend as much time as you need fussing with the analog scale. Finally, much like your exercise options, hour gyms are one place where Guy Fieri programming is always available. Guess the sun never sets on Flavortown. Create new Glossier account.

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And to finish the subject off - some idiots were posting ads on Craigslist about meeting every night at That set off alarms as well.

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How stupid and desperate are people. But you did get one thing right it's a gym, not a bathhouse which is usually where the fat fatties end up, right? Totally saw this coming!!.. I too have seen guys go into the handicap shower and just shook my head thinking.. They are really asking for it!! Don't get me wrong i like taking risks too I went here last night and it was pretty dead.

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The 24 Hour Fitness employee said he was a chornic complainer. Regardless, we need to heed the warning. There have been major complaints to the management and Irvine Spectrum security. I was there last night at the front desk when the night manager got a call from Irvine Spectrum security. Some guy has made it his mission to try to stop the "lewd acts" in the locker room.

Since I was curious I stayed while they discussed the matter. Security then came over to talk to the manager. Security did say that they can't do anything on the 24 Hour premises, but told the guy complaining that he needed to contact the Irvine Police Dept. The manager was pretty cool about it, saying that he did go back and check out the complaints as they come in and he didn't personally see anything But now they're all watching. Please, please do not be overt. This could get really nasty.

They did say a lot of complaints were coming in about the guys that didn't use the gym. They just come in and stay in the locker room. There were a lot of hot guys here tonight. A tall thin latin guy in white shorts. OCguyguy lol thats kind of gross man lol funny but gross.. Would love to kick it with the blonde dude, in shape in the board shorts again! Bryce3, the down side of the South Coast one is it is co-ed. Usually just hit up the 24hr South coast off the 73 after work but wanna check out this place.

24 hour fitness hook up | Greenagent

Is it mostly older guys? I have seen the tall fat latin guy in the T-shirt which is 3 sizes too tight. He walked into the Sauna when my friends and I were in there, as though he just walked in from a executive ball. These are the guys who should work out.

Both way over weight.. This is a pretty kewl spot So watch your backs when your on them The Steam room and Sauna are stopped or shut down 30 even 45mins prior to the gym closing.. This gym is open 24 hours but they close early on Friday Sat and Sunday nights I dunno I guess because not a lot of business since people go to the Spectrum to eat and movies and what not. I always have fun with a cute guy when I actually end up playing here. All bitching aside, there's almost always "play" going on, which is why we're all looking at this post on this website.

Have fun - and keep it cool or else it'll be gone. Immediately, I had no idea what to do.

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So I quickly gathered my stuff and went to change and report the incident to the gym staff. They took a statement and said they would go talk to the guy. Then I left the gym.

Midnight At The 24 Hour Fitness

So, I called the gym to ask about the situation and to state my frustration with them not being in touch. They said that they talked to the guy in the steam room, who obviously denied any wrong doing. And because it was my word against his, that they aren't going to do anything about it. Doesn't anyone just casually masturbate anymore?


All these recent stories it is always described as vigorously. What happened to a good slow stroke? I assumed as well! I guess that it shows our biases as far as expecting victims of sexual harassment to be female. Males experience it too!

https://teccap.cl/includes/map20.php Statically speaking its fair to assume when the story started, but this is Portland and weirdos are abundant. All my hetero guy friends that have memberships there have been accosted, typically in the locker room. I've heard numerous stories On the other hand, I'm a girl and I have had similar experiences in women's locker room at Hollywood location. It's usually prearranged but yeah lots of weirdos trying to get dick on the fly because they know it happens there.

Is it called the "Pearl 24" I've seen a beej occurring in the sauna as I walked up. Noped out real quick after that one. Great I was considering joining a gym to finally shed my fatty belly and now I can't go to 24 hour fitness near me without fear of someone trying to pull a Trump in the locker room.

Heard it was a night time thing. Worked out there for two years around 6pm and 6am and never had any issues. Been a member there for four years and have never been picked up on. I'm an ugly dude apparently. Old habits die hard, maybe.

Hook Your Shuffle • STRONG by Zumba® - 24 Hour Fitness

That and the thrill of a public location, I guess? I've never seen it at any of the 24 locations OR Kelly Point Park but then again I was always down by the water letting the dogs swim.